I mean, if 99 perce nt of t hese clients saw. Participants expressed that the sexua l experie nces they had, subse quent to the ir. This concept is supported by another participant, who said:. So, then. What I try to do is have a s muc h pa ssion ate fu n sex.

Sexual a ctivity, onc e ple asurable , ha d ove r time bee n deple te d of its gratifying. L oss of sa tisfaction from. Perhaps to counter the growing banality and mechanization of sex, three partici -. If I have sex for pleasure, it has to be someone really, really cute,.

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Partic ip ants expr e sse d n e gative ch a nges a ls o. Fo r thr ee. One escort dis -. It just feels empty. Another participant, who was unhappy with being an escort, said:. And you know one day I w ill quit.

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Not hopefully. When asked how he felt about sex work, another participant.

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Feelings of being us e d. I know tha t the guys , all the y wan t. Some of these [clients], they are not who they say they are. And th ey wa nt yo u to s it the re and tell them how wond erful the y. Illustrated in the above passage is the notion that the insincerity. Wh ile th e. As male escorts are found rather effortlessly online, they are perhaps a more accessi -. Without know ledge of publi c territories of homosexual cruising, one need only surf. Ex amine d in our study ar e attitud es of.

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Based o n the inte rv ie ws, th ree m ain mo tive s w ere giv en re ga rd ing rea sons for. Th e mos t freque ntly repo rted re ason f or sex w ork c onc erns the fina ncia l. In addition to the ample earnings, participants state a proclivity for the casual. For s ome , wor k-r elate d sexu a l. L ast, the resu lting inc rease in self-. The positive evaluations offered by clients reinforce the work. Although some. Clearly, the majority of Internet-based male escorts in our sample failed to fit the. Their rates of HIV infection and lifetime prevalence. As such, the perce ption t hat.

Other researchers have focused on fac -. In this stu dy, we fo und tha t m any ma le esc orts re por t. While this does not mean that risk factors for sex work were not present.

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H oweve r, it is im por-. Also voiced by participants was the manner by which sex. For som e es corts, se xuality had becom e so. For others, the. While it may seem as though a number of inconsistent perhaps even contradic -. Another poss ibility is that participants possess se emingly para doxical ide as and that.

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S imilarly, while the ple as urable aspects of. A sys-. The greatest limitation in this study involves the retrospective nature of the data,. Although it is impossible to know how our sample differs from the larger population. As can be seen in. Future studies could further explore these issues and other negative effects. Hea lth-c a re provide rs ma y c onside r be coming. Allen, D.


Young male prostitutes: A psychosocial study. Archives of Sex -. Bimbi, D. Ba reba cking am ong ga y a nd bis exua l ma le. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy. Boyer, D. Male prostitution and homosexual identity. Journal of Homosexu -. Browne, J. Research directions in male sex work. Calhoun, T. T heore tical conside rations on the e ntra nce and s tabiliz ation. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Ken -. American Journal of Public Health, 91 , Cate s , C. A dole s ce nt m ale p rostitu tion by c h oic e.

Chi ld an d Ado lesc en t. Social Work, 6 , Cates, J. D emogra phic , clinic al, and persona lity va riable s.